Dupont Hotel in Talks to Expand Into Dupont Underground

by UrbanTurf Staff

Dupont Hotel in Talks to Expand Into Dupont Underground: Figure 1
Dupont Underground

The Dupont Circle Hotel is in talks to open a bar and a spa in the Dupont Underground space, UrbanTurf has learned.

“The Arts Coalition for the Dupont Underground (ACDU) has held exploratory discussions with the Dupont Circle Hotel about the hotel’s presence in the east platform, including a direct subterranean link with 1500 New Hampshire Avenue,” ACDU’s Braulio Agnese told UrbanTurf.

Another person familiar with the negotiations says that the team behind the Dupont Underground is “currently in discussions with the hotel to potentially take some of the space for a below ground bar and spa.”

Dupont Hotel in Talks to Expand Into Dupont Underground: Figure 2
Rendering of restaurant in Paris Metro station. Manal Rachdi and Nicolas Laisné. Click to enlarge.

If you have been following the saga of the Underground, the 75,000 square-foot former streetcar station below Dupont Circle, you know that a number of plans have been tossed out for the subterranean space, so don’t hold your breath regarding this latest concept becoming reality. However, ACDU is optimistic regarding the plans.

“There are various buildings along Connecticut Avenue and around Dupont Circle with below-grade spaces that abut the old streetcar station and tunnels,” Agnese said. “As the ACDU continues to develop plans for a commercially viable and culturally progressive destination, we believe that close connections with the businesses and buildings in the Dupont Circle area are vital to the project’s success, and we are hopeful that the D.C. government is ready to move our efforts into the next phase of pilot testing.”

Last week, we wrote about the possibility of the Dupont Underground taking cues from some of the ideas planned for abandoned Metro stations in Paris.

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  1. David said at 8:43 pm on Friday February 14, 2014:
    Yes, please!
  1. Charles said at 8:57 pm on Friday February 14, 2014:
    I hate to think of the expense of bringing that area up to modern standards for fire egress, etc.
  1. Steve said at 4:53 am on Saturday February 15, 2014:
    Any coordinating group that uses buzz words like "culturally progressive" to describe its mission is a sure sign that this latest attempt to conjure up a use for this space by those with no practical project or commercial experience is a waste of words.
  1. Low Headways said at 4:19 pm on Monday February 17, 2014:
    Please, please, please let this not happen. Excellent space to reactivate transit.
  1. Adam L said at 12:10 am on Tuesday February 18, 2014:
    @Low Headways Wait, what? This space cannot be transformed back into transit; the Dupont Circle Metro Station took care of that.
  1. 7r3y3r said at 4:59 pm on Tuesday February 18, 2014:
    @Adam L - not if you think there could be a streetcar route that runs up Connecticut to Florida Ave/U Street or to Columbia Road.
  1. Adam L said at 5:20 pm on Tuesday February 18, 2014:
    @7r3y3r Perhaps some day. But it wouldn't be underground. You can bet on that. As it is, the old tunnels there are oriented for service between Dupont and Woodley Park... a service already duplicated by the Red Line.
  1. Head in the clouds said at 6:19 pm on Tuesday February 18, 2014:
    I for one would like to see an indoor go kart track here. Electric powered of course.
  1. xmal said at 4:31 pm on Wednesday February 19, 2014:
    Was rerouting the 42 buses through the tunnels ever considered? It seems better than bypassing the circle entirely via Connecticut to avoid delays as was done with the 43.
  1. andy2 said at 4:43 pm on Wednesday February 19, 2014:
    The city would be better served using this public space to benefit the city not a property owner. I support Low Headways' and xmal's call for this to return to use for buses and other transit. If buses could be routed through the tunnel and avoid the circle all would benefit from less congestion, more reliable bus service, and less exhaust.

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