A Bit More About PN Hoffman’s 14th Street Project

by Mark Wellborn

A Bit More About PN Hoffman's 14th Street Project: Figure 1
1401 R Street NW

News that developer PN Hoffman had purchased the Verizon building at 14th and R Streets and would be turning it into a condo development had the blogosphere abuzz at the beginning of April.

The project is set to have around 34 units and a 1,500 square-foot retail space on the ground floor. UrbanTurf learned a little bit more about the project at a Wednesday night ANC 2F meeting where PN Hoffman and architect Eric Colbert presented their plans and requested support for zoning exemptions.

Here is a quick rundown of the highlights:

  • There are two buildings at the corner of 14th and R Street; PN Hoffman has purchased the five-story “south” building, and Verizon still owns the six-story “north” building.
  • Because of the layout of the building, most of the condos will be fairly deep rectangular units with ceilings that range between 14 and 16 feet on floors 2, 3 and 4.

  • The plan (and one of the reasons that PN Hoffman was presenting to the ANC) is to have a mezzanine space in the units on the second, third and fourth floors that would serve as a sleeping area. So, the units on these floors would be more like studio lofts than one-bedrooms.

  • The developer is also seeking a zoning exemption that would allow construction of a “pop-up” penthouse that would sit on top of the existing building, but set back from the street.
  • There will not be parking on site, but it is possible that PN Hoffman could offer ZipCar or Capital Bikeshare memberships to buyers.
  • The projected completion date for the development is the middle of 2012.

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  1. CondoAnon said at 7:47 pm on Thursday April 28, 2011:
    It is beyond me how they can cram 34 units into this space. Such a shame that Real Property "values" have gotten to such a place that building the awful sounding units they plan will end up being "OK" with buyers.
  1. mizark said at 9:15 pm on Thursday April 28, 2011:
    Especially at $700 psf!
  1. Jason Trotman said at 12:10 am on Monday May 2, 2011:
    It is encouraging that developers are utilizing these bike and car sharing programs to accommodate the lack of parking in these neighborhoods. It is a WIN-WIN for the developers and buyers.
  1. pinkhaus said at 9:23 pm on Friday May 20, 2011:
    Barry, a good reason to own a car in DC is when you live in DC and work in the suburbs. Idiot.
  1. Barry said at 7:57 pm on Tuesday May 17, 2011:
    The real cost of car ownership in DC vs. Public transport is $9K per year taking insurance, gas, parking, depreciation and finance charges into account according to a recent study through NPR. So I say dump the car a rent a Zip when you need it and cycle on bike share,take buses and metro at other times. There really is no good reason for keeping a car in the city. So NO a builder must NOT build parking, because it does more harm then good. The BUYER should get off their back side and burn some calories!
  1. A BuilderMustBuildParking said at 8:10 pm on Saturday May 14, 2011:
    NoParking???? Who's gonna buy these SUPER EXPENSIVE $$$$ 1-room LOFTS????
  1. makeba said at 2:47 am on Friday June 3, 2011:
    The regulation is 1-space for every 2 units. Cats like Monte Hoffman can get pass that with his clout in the city. This building is grandfatherd in some way to allow for that. He can find a loop hole all day. and the city wants the tax revenue from the properties...so there u have it. Ta-daaaa!
  1. David said at 11:52 pm on Thursday August 4, 2011:
    I live in the neighborhood, and I pay for off-street parking (for the rare occasions I don't take public transit or bike). By this building not having parking, the rest of us are going to subsidize their parking, as they will all be eligible for on-street parking at a fraction of the cost. And we will continue to have neighborhood lanes lined with parked cars, rather than more bike lanes, designated bus lines, wider sidewalks, etc.

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