JBG To Convert Myerton Apartments to Condos

by Mark Wellborn

JBG To Convert Myerton Apartments to Condos: Figure 1
The Myerton

The JBG Companies will convert The Myerton, a 74-unit apartment project in Arlington to a condo development, UrbanTurf has learned. Sales are expected to begin in early March with one-bedrooms starting at $244,900 and two-bedrooms at $294,900. The firm’s decision to convert the project was driven by a limited inventory of one-bedroom condos in the Arlington submarket, particularly in the sub-$300,000 price point. McWilliams Ballard will handle the sales and marketing.

Myerton, located at 108 South Court House Road (map), was originally purchased by JBG in 2005 and renovated for sale as condos. In late 2006, the project switched to rentals and has remained a rental community ever since.

Each residence has been renovated and upgrades to the lobby, E-lounge, and fitness center were completed early this month. The landscaped courtyard has a pool, oversized sundeck and grilling stations. Reserved parking is available for each residence.

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  1. Current Resident said at 4:30 am on Wednesday February 16, 2011:
    I also live here. JBG was shady as hell when it came to informing current tenants what was going on, and refused to return phone calls regarding the current circumstances. We got a lovely letter under our doors, as well as sent via certified mail(not picking it up guys, sorry) letting us know we can buy our units for what amounts to a $500-600 increase in monthly costs. That probably goes to pay for the fact that the gym is kept at a balmy 80 degrees. These two bedroom units they advertise could barely be considered one bedroom plus dens. The black mold is bad enough that after a summer rain I had to leave the apartment to get fresh air. The floors in my neighbors place is warping. The Thor, which is what they consider a washer/dryer combo unit, is the sorriest POS I've ever seen and has been known to start fires. Farewell Myerton, and to anyone moving in, this place will be vacant once all the current residences leases end between May and July. The only nice thing about the place was the neighbors, and we're all headed to the Wellington or the Park at Arlington Ridge apparently.
  1. C said at 7:08 pm on Tuesday February 15, 2011:
    I am a resident currently at Myerton. I wouldn't buy one of these even if they were 50k less. The "2 bedrooms" are more like 1 bedroom with a den. Forget having a roommate. There is hardly any closet space and even less in a 1 bedroom. The heating is a joke, our bedroom in a 2 bedroom is easily 5-10 degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment (even with all of the vents closed) and since they are electric, you get charged to try and warm your freezing apartment. The windows are like cellophane and they constantly have condensation on them that actually FREEZES in the winter! We have reoccurring black mold because of it. There are rats in the courtyard (along with rat traps that are out in the open). You will find dead rats every once in awhile out there. The few upsides this place has are that it is gated and has a pool and gym. Renting is fine here, but buying one of these condos is not in your best interest!
  1. MW said at 9:38 pm on Thursday February 10, 2011:
    Would love to see a Neighborhood Profile of the Columbia Pike area of Arlington - where these apartments are located. The neighborhood is getting a streetcar in a few years and already has tons of construction of new mixed-use buildings.
  1. Anonymous said at 7:52 pm on Friday March 4, 2011:
    !!*Beware*!! Myerton apartments are "good" at best for the price. I find it hard to believe that they will sell to be honest with you. They've tried this in the past but it failed so they decided to turn them into apartments. I have a few months left on my contract and I'll be moving on. Like so many others we've all been given the oppurtunity to purchase and as far as I know, NO ONE is even interested. The kitchen is nice "but", the floors are not wood like they advertise but some sort of sticker/fake wood. The photos they are selling to show off the Myerton are really nice and I want to move in there but, you can tell they are graphic design not real as I can tell you this place is not Happyville. The washer and dryer which is one combined unit in the kitchen never really worked and it only can wash like 3 or 4 (small) things at once and takes "hours!" Living alone I really never used the dishwasher so I have no complaints with it. When it comes to the water in the Myerton if youre going to buy, "make sure" they put a water filter in the entire condo as you will notice after 1 shower how bad the water is. The mildew and film that it leaves is crazy. I have lived there for less than 8 months and I've went through 4 plastic shower curtains. I read an earlier post about the windows and cooling/heating bill. They are right on, you can feel the air come through and to keep it heated or cooled will cost you a pretty penny. I've lived in much bigger places and paid less in bills. My last complait with the inside apartment alone would be the lack of bedroom closet space. Nothing really to say than I'm a guy and couldnt imagine a female trying to put my stuff in there. Thank God I dont have a lot of things. As for the staff, their never there to answer questions and if you notice there is no posted numbers on the site to talk to anyone. But when I did speak with someone, it was usually Candy and she was always very helpful. My last thoughts about this place, they just finished rebuilding and refurnishing the lobby and tv room which looks great.
  1. pat b said at 3:27 am on Saturday March 12, 2011:
    This project has been snakebit for years. It used to be low income housing(Crack Den) for years in the 80's and early 90's. Arlington Police cleaned it out, and shut it down. It was converrted to a long stay hotel, and began condo conversion in 2005. The project ran much longer then needed and missed the conversion market. It started as "The Myerton", then "The Villages at Myerton", then "Myerton Corner" Each time dropping prices $50K.... Now it's a bunch of 3 year old condo conversion units, and, they think they can sell at a premium over what it was renting for?
  1. Soon-to-be Former Resident of the Myerton said at 3:54 pm on Tuesday March 22, 2011:
    I'm sorry to be so negative, but I have to agree with all the other postings. If you are looking to buy, look elsewhere. If you like to hear your neighbors (downstairs/upstairs), smell their smoke (drugs)/aromatic cooking, love the fraternity/sorority life, and unresponsive management... then this place is for you. When viewing their newly-updated website, do not let the pictures deceive you, some of the photos are from another location (there is not a Barnes & Noble bookstore in the neighborhood). The Myerton's reception of its current residents has gone downhill--esp if you do not plan to buy. You have to connect through another apartment complex to place a work order in (we only were able to get stuff fixed by continuously checking-in on the status), but it took over a month for a minor issue to get fixed. I cannot imagine how it will be for actual owners and dealing with facilities management. Good Luck

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