Your New House Key Is A Smartphone

by Shilpi Paul

Your New House Key Is A Smartphone: Figure 1
Kwikset’s Kevo

Two new devices will make forgetting your house keys an old-fashioned problem.

First, Kwikset has introduced a lock that can be unlocked with your smartphone.

The Kevo doesn’t require knowing a code or even pressing a button: you just touch your phone to the traditional-looking lock, and it opens. The new technology also allows you to send electronic keys to people who need to get into your home. Right now, the Kevo will only be compatible with the iPhone 4s and 5s, and is scheduled to be released this summer.

Next, Schlage has just introduced a touchscreen deadbolt. The high-tech device, in addition to having a touch screen number pad option, acts as a security device and alerts homeowners when anyone tampers with it. The touchscreen can hold a few different codes throughout the day, allowing owners to selectively let in folks, like house cleaners, who need to come by at a certain time of day.

Like the Kevo, Schalge’s device is also controlled via a smartphone or a tablet.

Readers, what do you think of these new technologies? Would you feel safer if one was installed at your house or are they just a recipe for disaster?

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  1. DB said at 7:55 pm on Tuesday May 14, 2013:
    What happens if someone steals your phone? They can get into your house?
  1. Zesty said at 8:02 pm on Tuesday May 14, 2013:
    I remember the kiwkset when the "inventor" of the technology got funding on Shark Tank.
  1. Zesty said at 8:05 pm on Tuesday May 14, 2013:
    I wonder if this uses a battery or if it's hard wired (I would hate to have to replace batteries)
  1. mona said at 8:08 pm on Tuesday May 14, 2013:
    I bet that would be really easy to hack too.
  1. Jim said at 8:28 pm on Tuesday May 14, 2013:
    -Steal your phone same as stealing your keys, but you can cancel a phone with their web portal :per website. -Battery, 1 year expected life. Not sure about ease of replacing batteries :per website. -Backup key for emergencies. But where do you store the backup key? -Probably not easy to hack. Probably harder to hack then to just kick in your front door or break your glass. Also, the people who can effectively hack this don't care about your pocket change and ipod. My question: what if you come to answer your door with your (authorized) cell phone in your pocket and the outside person taps the control? Does the door unlock, or is the bluetooth directionally aware?
  1. Brian McLaren said at 11:18 am on Wednesday May 15, 2013:
    I think this is cool. I actually pre-ordered something like this off off kickstarted last year. www.lockitron.com I think lockitron might be a hair better since a lot of DC rents, lockitron is a quicker installation and doesn't involve replacing an existing deadbolt. lockitron also works with apple and android, whereas the kwikset only works with iOS. Of course I can't tell you how I like it in person since they haven't shipped yet (expected to in the next month). I really like the idea of giving the dog walker and the cleared access to the place without a key. Also my BF has some rental properties that he manages with VRBO, and this would be a great way to do key management to the tenants... you wouldn't have to distribute a key at all.

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