Target and Bloomingdale’s Coming to Georgetown?

by Mark Wellborn

Target and Bloomingdale's Coming to Georgetown?: Figure 1
The intersection of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown

The retail landscape in DC’s oldest neighborhood could look a little different in the coming years.

The Georgetown Current’s Carol Buckley reported today that Target and Bloomingdale’s could be opening up shop at the long-troubled Georgetown Park mall on M Street. The article indicated that Target could occupy space on the mall’s lowest level, now occupied by a food court.

Residents intrigued by this big retail news might want to temper their excitement a bit. From the Current:

“Even if both retailers sign leases tomorrow, neither will open its doors in Georgetown for at least a couple of years. The design review for a redevelopment will be stringent — as it was a few years ago when Western Development went through the process. Weighing in will be the local advisory neighborhood commission, city agencies and even the National Park Service.”

Georgetown, a neighborhood that has been the backdrop for countless movie scenes and home to some of the country’s biggest political heavyweights, has been going through a bit of a transformation over the last year or so, as long-time landmarks have closed and new residential and retail projects have been announced.

Housing Complex’s Lydia DePillis had a piece back in July about the re-branding effort Georgetown had initiated. DePillis reported that the Georgetown Business Improvement District hired a branding consultant to find out “what it is that makes the place unique, and how it ought to be marketed.” Maybe one of the findings was that the area should try and be more like Columbia Heights.

What are your thoughts on a Target and Bloomingdale’s coming to Georgetown? Will it hurt the area’s cachet or is it just what the neighborhood needs?

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  1. SimonF said at 4:00 pm on Wednesday March 9, 2011:
    If the Target can be contained to the mall's lower level, I think it would be great for Georgetown. But I won't believe anything is coming until an official announcement is made.
  1. jen said at 4:35 pm on Wednesday March 9, 2011:
    The lower level is an eyesore. A target or at least something nice would be welcome.
  1. Jonathan said at 8:38 pm on Wednesday March 9, 2011:
    Bloomingdales YAY! Target No! Bloomingdales would be a magnificent anchor for a mall in need on a good store benefiting the look, feel and heritage of Georgetown's shopping corridor. As far as Target, Columbia Heights can have them. While I am not against Target by any means I do not think it is befitting of Georgetown. Agreeing with John I don't think the look and feel of the store is right in Georgetown. Give me William Sonoma home instead! As far as the review I suppose this means they would like to do some changes to the exterior to make it more friendly as well as hold their signage. I would be surprised if DC Govt gave a care as they stopped enforcing so much of sign law a couple decades ago.
  1. john said at 8:14 pm on Wednesday March 9, 2011:
    Are these comments from Targets PR people? How is the lower level of the mall an eyesore? The mall may be troubled but I it's quite nice inside. How on earth would a target taking over the entire food court area be less of an eyesore? Have you all BEEN to a target? What is pretty about it? the tacky shade of red or is it the linoleum floors? The only good thing about this is that if these god awful big box stores are going to invade our city it's poetic that Gtown should have to take it on the chin just like everyone else. I'm also confused why all these groups should be involved if it isnt even on street level. Why can't the Malls owners choose their tenants as matter of right.
  1. Johnson said at 8:47 pm on Wednesday March 9, 2011:
    It's funny that Georgetown wants to be more like Columbia Heights? No offense to Columbia Heights but that is funny. How about more like a Back Bay/Beacon Hill, 5th Avenue, Rodeo Drive, etc. We are already seeing the slow transition of the neighborhood from an alternative fashion/party/college scene neighborhood to a higher end 'fashion district' if you will with higher end stores, restaurants, etc. Going backward to big boxes, and stuff you can buy anywhere doesnt make sense. Going with cafes, high end fashion stores, and other unique boutique items sounds like the natural fit. How about a Saks if they want to go big box?
  1. Chris said at 10:18 pm on Wednesday March 9, 2011:
    Target in Georgetown will never happen. Too many reasons to list but mark my words, never.
  1. Agreed said at 12:25 am on Thursday March 10, 2011:
    Last commenter is correct. Target just does not fit with the landscape there, and to try to alter the landscape to fit it in makes no sense at all. Why would anyone go to Georgetown park mall to buy toilet paper and detergent?
  1. silver springer said at 3:28 am on Thursday March 10, 2011:
    But where would the shopping carts go? And where would you park? It's not like there's enough parking in Georgetown now.
  1. Mike said at 1:39 pm on Thursday March 10, 2011:
    I think it will never happen either. You know a better idea? Put one in Ballston Mall. It's on the metro line, there is plenty of garage parking, and it would upgrade that terrible mall that is there now. Take over the Macy's or the Macy's furniture store. Bonus addition, those cool cart escalators.

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