Will Table PC Become a Permanent Coffee Table Fixture?

by Shilpi Paul

Will Table PC Become a Permanent Coffee Table Fixture?: Figure 1
Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC

In a world where most people walk around with a tiny computer in their pockets, portable computing seems to be an unquestioned good. However, a new product highlights the potential usages of a much less mobile computer.

On Sunday at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Lenovo presented the IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC, a 27-inch tablet designed to live near-permanently on your coffee table, reported the New York Daily News.

The enormous, 15-pound tablet has enough room for as many as four people — ten fingers — to interact with it at once, creating opportunities for game playing, screen watching and whatever else comes to mind. Instead of solitary clicking, the table PC lends itself to social interactivity. The price for this new gadget will be $1,699 and it should be on sale by this summer.

As CES continues this week, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more products that relate to life in the home.

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  1. kob said at 7:51 pm on Tuesday January 8, 2013:
    I have deep reservations against glass coffee tables. This isn't related to a display screen coffee table, but the posted prompted this memory. Years ago, when I worked as a daily news reporter, I wrote about this incident. A young guy was visiting his girlfriend and used the coffee table as a seat. It was glass and it broke and punctured an artery and died. The rate of blood loss to was too much. I called consumer protection to find out if they had records of similar instances, but they didn't and it may have been because it was the kind of thing that wasn't report. In any event, to this day I want nothing to do with glass surfaces.
  1. Eric said at 8:21 pm on Tuesday January 8, 2013:
    @kob That is a truly unfortunate story, but this gadget doesn't take the place of a coffee table, just sits on top of it.
  1. Melissa said at 9:15 pm on Tuesday January 8, 2013:
    Sounds very similar to Microsoft's original Surface, when it first came out years ago. That was an entire, coffee table-sized tablet, immensely heavy, and required expert calibration as part of set-up. Cost was around $15k. This new form factor sounds more reasonable and user friendly.
  1. Susan Isaacs Realtor said at 9:19 pm on Tuesday January 8, 2013:
    15 lbs.?? Seriously?
  1. mona said at 12:10 am on Wednesday January 9, 2013:
    Interesting that you should mention the guy sitting on a coffee table and it was glass and broke. I was an RN in an ER in Albuquerque many years ago and I remember that very thing happening to a patient that came through triage and end up in the ICU.

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