A New Middle Finger: 10-Story Pop-Up Planned For U Street Rowhouse

by UrbanTurf Staff

A New Middle Finger: 10-Story Pop-Up Planned For U Street Rowhouse: Figure 1
A rendering of the new project.

Pop-up opponents in DC could soon have a new project that serves as the target of their anger.

A developer has proposed a 10-story addition to a rowhouse in the U Street Corridor, which would come in just below the limits in place courtesy of the Height Act. There will be a total of 40 residential condos, 50 percent of which have sold prior to the project breaking ground.

When UrbanTurf spoke with Argentine developer Hai Donacare, he had a pretty brazen message for detractors of his new development.

“These people think they’ve seen a building constructed like a middle finger in this city,” Donacare said, referring to the city’s most infamous pop-up. “I’ll give them a middle finger.”

A New Middle Finger: 10-Story Pop-Up Planned For U Street Rowhouse: Figure 2
The development can be seen on the left.

Donacare has no experience with a residential project of this scope and height, but he has constructed a number of very tall cell phone towers in his native Buenos Aires.

“Have these people who criticize projects of this height ever even been inside a penthouse apartment?” he said. “I have, and it’s amazing.”

The height of the new project will come in at 89.5 feet, a mere half foot below the limits imposed by the Height Act. The towering height is not lost on buyers like Tom Bellows, who purchased one of the residences on the top floor.

“When the units were marketed to me, I was told I would be able to see all the way to my home state of New Jersey, which seemed like an exaggeration,” Bellows said. “I really do hope I can see to New Jersey, but I will love the place even if I can’t.”

A New Middle Finger: 10-Story Pop-Up Planned For U Street Rowhouse: Figure 3

Donacare consulted a number of people for the project, including the developers of the 90-story One57 building in New York and a few airline pilots.

“People who have already purchased in our project love two things,” Donacare said. “Living up high and looking down on people.”

Renderings courtesy of Capital Pixel.

This article originally published at http://dc.urbanturf.com/articles/blog/a_10-story_pop-up_planned_for_u_street_rowhouse/9702


  1. Colin said at 2:44 pm on Wednesday April 1, 2015:
    LOL, had me going there for a second. Well played.
  1. Greg Schneider said at 3:43 pm on Wednesday April 1, 2015:
    Well played Wellborn.....well played! 😃
  1. ProDev said at 4:27 pm on Wednesday April 1, 2015:
    If only this was real. It's a pretty good looking building, and the NIMBYs deserve a much bigger middle finger than they've received thus far.
  1. monademarkpv said at 5:16 pm on Wednesday April 1, 2015:
    That was good...I am not so much opposed to popups but as I was reading it I was certainly getting outraged then realized what day it was.
  1. RexUSt said at 5:19 pm on Wednesday April 1, 2015:
    I was mortified until the comment about hoping to see to New Jersey. You really had me going! Good job UrbanTurf 😃
  1. Nathaniel Martin said at 5:23 pm on Wednesday April 1, 2015:
    Indeed, the irony is that this is actually architecturally interesting, inappropriate scale aside!
  1. MBvR said at 5:41 pm on Wednesday April 1, 2015:
    Well played, indeed, Urban Turf staff. The best part was "Hai Donacare". I was falling for the story before that!!
  1. skidrowedc@gmail.com said at 9:29 pm on Wednesday April 1, 2015:
    I knew it was an April Fool's from the email headline. But that didn't stop my enjoyment of a good parody. And lord knows this pop-up kerfuffle could use a little levity.

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