62 Square Feet: Developer Proposes DC’s Smallest Apartments

by UrbanTurf Staff

62 Square Feet: Developer Proposes DC's Smallest Apartments: Figure 1

Small living is about to take on a whole new meaning in DC.

A developer has proposed an ambitious new micro-unit project for the 14th Street Corridor, which would include 32 units that measure out at just 62 square feet each.

French developer Petit Espace gave UrbanTurf a sneak peek at the miniscule project and a sense of what the units will look like.

62 Square Feet: Developer Proposes DC's Smallest Apartments: Figure 2
The unit as a living room.

“Have you ever lived in a closet?” Petit Espace’s Thomas Fulldu asked. “It’s kind of like that, but with a bathroom.”

Fulldu said that advisers on the project included his four-year old daughter, whose bedroom at home is slightly larger than the proposed apartments, as well as a few inmates at an area prison.

“The response I got from virtually everyone when I asked if they would live in 62 square feet was ‘Absolutely not,’” Fooley said. “But we like to push the envelope. Also, my daughter thought it was a great idea.”

62 Square Feet: Developer Proposes DC's Smallest Apartments: Figure 3
Floorplan of proposed units.

The layout of the units consists of a combination bedroom/kitchen/living room/media room with a small bathroom off to the side. Fulldu said that when the Murphy bed folds down it’s difficult for anyone, including the person living there, to do much of anything rather than sleep. He said that the project is primarily aimed at people that don’t really like being inside.

“We envision that our primary demographic will be wilderness buffs, as well as people who live with their significant others and really just need a place to change their clothes and brush their teeth,” Fulldu said.

62 Square Feet: Developer Proposes DC's Smallest Apartments: Figure 4
Parties at the unit would be limited to three, maybe four, people.

The units, planned for a site near 14th and Swann Street NW, will rent for about $3,000 a month to target a more affordable price point.

UrbanTurf would be surprised if plans for this project move on beyond today, but we will keep you updated.

Renderings courtesy of Capital Pixel.

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  1. Adam L said at 2:27 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    Happy April Fools! This was a good one.
  1. DCgal said at 2:30 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    Love it. Honestly you almost had me.
  1. David said at 2:40 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    So good. Perhaps better than Trump last year!
  1. Navy Yard Res said at 2:57 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    OMG, you had me until the $3,000 a month rent and then I thought ugh April Fools!
  1. DCFresh said at 3:09 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    Please don't poo-poo small living. Imagine the single worker who takes two buses into DC every day (75 min) because he or she can't afford to live near a downtown job. That person just might trade 2.5 hour commute for a 70-sq-foot living area and a walk to work.
  1. h st ll said at 4:07 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    Well done!
  1. Steve said at 6:36 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    Honestly - these would definitely work at the right price point.
  1. StringsAttached said at 7:38 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    Thank goodness for the comment section because I was about to lose it! $3,000 for 62 sq. feet as affordable...HA!
  1. Roger P said at 7:47 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    Great try, but another instant giveaway is that the plans shown are nowhere near as small as 62sf. Knowing the dimension of a bed, you can scale it off and the plans are probably about 240sf. Still micro, but not 62sf!
  1. Justin S said at 8:06 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    Ha! Too close to the truth. :p
  1. Fabrisse said at 8:37 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    A good joke, but, frankly, at a better price point, I'd do it rather than have a longer commute.
  1. PG2SE said at 8:47 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    I'm really curious now. For those saying they'd be open to this at the right price point, what would that price point be? Let's assume the more realistic 240 sq ft estimate that Roger P came up with. What's the most you'd be willing to pay for that?
  1. James Burnell said at 9:13 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    Assuming that the salmon-colored things on the left are storage/cabinets, and assuming it was in a great neighborhood downtown with good nightlife, shopping and groceries, I'd totally consider this for $1000 including gas and electric, or $850 without.
  1. Deborah said at 10:22 pm on Tuesday April 1, 2014:
    You had me going on this one. Happy April Fools Day!
  1. Capital Pixel said at 2:30 pm on Wednesday April 2, 2014:
    love all these comments! FWIW, the bed shown is a single size, roughly 36"x75" so perhaps the two pillows were a little misleading on the bed size, making it look like a double or queen. The dimensions of the room are roughly 9'x6' and the bathroom is rougly 6'x3' - so total square footage is approx 72 sq ft.
  1. nice one said at 2:41 pm on Friday April 4, 2014:
    You guys are awesome. I am ashamed to admit that you had me all the way until the "wilderness buffs" and $3k rent. I had to read it again to see the names of the people. But my $100 says this building will get built in DC within the next 10 years - art imitates life imitates art!

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