UrbanTurf Reader Asks: How Do People Like Living in Capitol Riverfront?

by Mark Wellborn

UrbanTurf Reader Asks: How Do People Like Living in Capitol Riverfront?: Figure 1

In this installment of UrbanTurf Reader Asks, a long-time DC resident who is thinking about buying her first home wonders if DC residents who reside in the Capitol Riverfront like living in the city's newest neighborhood.

I have been living in DC since I graduated college (about ten years) and have watched the Capitol Riverfront grow from a pipe dream to the neighborhood that it is today. I have only been down to the area for Nationals games and to hang out in neighboring Barracks Row, but I am considering buying a condo soon, and wonder how people who call it home like living in the neighborhood.

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  1. HappyRes said at 5:33 pm on Tuesday October 27, 2009:
    I bought in the Capitol Riverfront two years ago, and while my investment could be considered a poor one, I am excited about how the neighborhood is growing. Most necessities are only steps away from my building, and the Metro makes everything in the city seem close by. I envision this neighborhood will continue to attract businesses and residents for years to come.
  1. kate.d. said at 6:48 pm on Tuesday October 27, 2009:
    we bought a place here about six months ago, and are very happy with it thus far. and as long as you're planning to hold onto it for 5+ years (which i think is generally the accepted wisdom these days wherever you wanna buy!), it still seems like a good investment to me. if you want to be in the middle of the action, it's not the neighborhood for you, but it's got nice new development and a REALLY convenient location. i mean, i'm a block from the metro, so i can get to "the action" and back very easily 😃 would be nice to have some more restaurant and bar options nearby, but more will come with time, and barracks row is really just a hop skip and jump.
  1. RP said at 7:36 pm on Tuesday October 27, 2009:
    I've lived in the Navy Yard area for 2 years and really like it. When I first moved in there were changes to the neighborhood every day. The rate of change has slowed a little with the economy, but it hasn't stopped. As kate.d. said, if you're looking to stay for 5+ years, it's a great investment. Soon there will be a little more in the neighborhood and in the coming years there will be lots more. For now, it's very easy to get to neighboring areas -- Penn Ave, Eastern Market, and Barracks Row are all a 10 to 30 minute walk; metro and buses can get you all around the city, and there is easy freeway access if you are driving. I'd highly recommend the neighborhood 😃
  1. JW said at 8:30 pm on Tuesday October 27, 2009:
    I bought there a year ago (a row house fixer upper), and I am convinced it was a great investment. As has happened all over the country, development has been put on hold due to the economy, but there are still great things planned, and they will come with time. The neighborhood is currently developing its identity, and it's great that most of the residents are excited to be a part of it. It's a very walkable area, and the public transportation options are good. I am very happy in the neighborhood.
  1. LovestheFront said at 8:42 pm on Tuesday October 27, 2009:
    I just moved to the Front and absolutely love it! It's a great place to invest and so much fun to be part of a new neighborhood taking shape on the river. Even though there aren't many restaurants/bars, the sense of community is extremely strong. The BID puts on great outdoor movies as well as special events for the residents. Very easy to meet your neighbors! Also extremely convenient - 2 metro exits with a quick ride up to Gallery Place, Circulator Bus, short walk to Barracks Row and Capitol Hill. It's really exciting to see the changes taking place in the Front! Looking forward to the Riverfront Park and Canal Park!
  1. Michael said at 8:47 pm on Tuesday October 27, 2009:
    I love the fact that I'm just one block from Metro and can easily get on any highway. Plus, new parks "soon." I just don't care for the seeming artifice of calling the area "Capitol Riverfront."
  1. LJ said at 2:04 pm on Wednesday October 28, 2009:
    I've lived in the neighborhood for over 3 years and love it. All I can do is echo comments from previous posts: if you move to the Front, you'll be close to metro, the Capitol, Eastern Market, 8th street, the Nats stadium, and coming soon - all sorts of park space! Most importantly, in my experience the neighborhood is very safe.
  1. Bruce said at 2:28 pm on Wednesday October 28, 2009:
    We bought at Capitol Quarter back in 2006 and finally moved in 3 months ago. We had the vision to recognize a great thing. Not only is it a great community that will continue to grow, but the investment is sound as well. Half Street will be complete, the Yards will be complete, more businesses will come and with Barracks Row a few steps away along with the Metro and the highway..everything is accessible.
  1. Tom A. said at 3:05 pm on Wednesday October 28, 2009:
    I don't live in the neighborhood, but I learned shortly after moving to DC that it's a bit foolish to move to an area with the promise of ammenities coming "soon." But barracks row is fairly close, so you CAN currently go out to dinner or go shopping fairly close by. But there is not much to speak of in terms of ammenities in the Riverfront neighborhood itself. Half street is still a big vacant city block, but if you look at their website, you'll be amazed at how it might look "someday."
  1. Mark said at 3:15 pm on Wednesday October 28, 2009:
    My wife and I have lived in the Yards/ Front/ Near SE area for a couple of years now, and we love it - I have to echo all the other positive comments above. The sense of community is very strong, which is not something I had experienced previously in this city or elsewhere. I believe it comes from feeling like we are all a part of something. I also feel like we are close enough to the bars and restaurants on ever expanding 8th street without being so close as to have to deal with the traffic and congestion. We are near the stadium - and while the team could use some work, the games are always fun. Finally, like many of the families in the area, we have a young child and find the atmosphere of young professionals and young families, with the close proximity to current and future parks to be just what we were looking for.
  1. Tony D said at 12:08 am on Friday October 30, 2009:
    My wife and I moved here about a year and a half ago but I've worked at the Navy Yard for over 2 years. I like the neighborhood and echo most of the above statements. It's interesting to see change around you. And the influx of new people in the past year has been constant and noticable. I find people friendly and interested in the neighborhood. I also think that as many see this as an investment there is alot of buy-in and excitement around new businesses (like Cornercopia) and even temporary public space like the 3 sodded lots that will become the canal park some day.
  1. Questions said at 2:08 am on Friday October 30, 2009:
    where is the legal parking around Onyx/capital yards/velocity? if you don't have a parking space? No signs? No visible preference to residents? if it's not baseball game day/ DC zone residents should be able to park in front/somewhere around of their building. it's terrible!
  1. Ressince06 said at 3:17 am on Friday October 30, 2009:
    I bought a condo down here in '06, then made a reservation for a rowhouse a few months later with the intention of spending along time in the area. Yes - there is not as much here as in other areas of town like Dupont and Adams Morgan, but there is also MUCH less crime and noise and also fewer people for now. We're blocks away from all of the amenities one would like to have in the city... while actually having a little calm. Hopefully it will get more lively here soon, but in the meantime I appreciate it the way it is. If nothing else happened here and the Nats continued to stink, would I still be happy living here? Yes. Half Street or not. This is a fabulous location minutes away from three metro lines (orange, blue, green), businesses and federal agencies, the WATERFRONT, parks (existing and planned), museums, and Capitol Hill (Penn Ave, Barracks Row, Eastern Market). Save yourself $100k and enjoy outdoor movies, a community garden, and knowing your neighbors.
  1. JoeInDC said at 3:41 pm on Monday November 2, 2009:
    I would also echo the many positive comments about the Front posted here. We have bought at Capitol Quarters and will be in in mid January. The folks at EYA have been great. They really have their act together. Like others, we too have seen what the future holds for the Front. Yes, like everywhere, development has slowed, there has been a slight bump in the road. However, it will only be temporary. When the economy comes roaring back, well... look out. Things will be full steam ahead. This is a great opportunity for those who are wise. I bought my current condo at 400 Mass Ave, NW 4 years ago when all I heard from people were comments like: "Is it safe "down" there? HA! I am sitting on one of the hottest condos in one of the most desirable areas of the city and do not plan on selling. Forsight people...foresight. If you arre sitting on the fence, get off now and invest in a condo or a townehome in the S.E. Waterfront. It will be the smartest thing you have done in years.
  1. MD said at 7:40 pm on Wednesday November 18, 2009:
    Moved in over the weekend. Friendly neighbors. Commute was a breeze. CVS is very handy. Won't even start in on the temptation of Five Guys' Grilled Cheese. If you build it, they will come. Awaiting the days of frequent taxi sightings.
  1. Matthew said at 4:48 am on Friday November 20, 2009:
    I'm considering a purchase at Velocity. Can anyone on this blog comment on their experience? Seems like a great building with a reasonable price. Advice? Thoughts? Are there other options in that area (near metro) for around $400k?
  1. LovestheFront said at 10:36 pm on Tuesday November 24, 2009:
    Velocity is a GREAT condo building! I've been there for a few weeks and have been very impressed with the management, amenities, etc. Neighbors are all very friendly. AMAZING rooftop! 1 1/2 blocks to the Metro - can't beat the convenience. Would recommend stopping by the sales center to learn more!

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