The Search for Elusive Bigwigs: A Treasure Hunt!

  • February 1, 2013

by UrbanTurf Staff

The Search for Elusive Bigwigs: A Treasure Hunt!: Figure 1

For months, the editors of UrbanTurf's Bigwig Digs website have searched high and low for the addresses of well-known Washingtonians. We’ve analyzed Google Images, scoured news reports and examined public records. But the homes of many local bigwigs still elude us.

So we are appealing to you, readers—with your infinite knowledge, wily ways and (hopefully) taste for competition—for help.

Treasure Hunt...with Prizes

We want to discover where the people listed below lived in the DC area, and we’re making it a game. Anyone who can find the exact street address where any of these bigwigs lived will get a $15 gift certificate from Amazon, bragging rights, and credit for the find on the entry on Bigwig Digs.

Also, the reader with the most found addresses will win an additional grand prize of $100 from Amazon plus a big shout-out here on UrbanTurf. (If there’s a tie, the grand prize will be divided equally among the winners.)

Here are the local bigwigs whose DC-area addresses we’re looking for:

Stephen Colbert Dave Chappelle
Jim Henson Samuel L. Jackson
Robert Duvall
(his childhood home, not his current ranch)
Sergey Brin
Roberta Flack Wale
Lorena Bobbitt
(yes, that Lorena Bobbitt)
Martin Lawrence

Ground Rules

  1. Have proof: We are looking for both an address and the PROOF* to back it up. Hearsay (“He was my neighbor.”) or anecdotal evidence (“My friend partied at her house!”) won’t cut it. *The legitimacy of any address submitted to the competition is up to the sole discretion of Bigwig Digs’ editors.
  2. Be first: To win, you must not only submit a verifiable address with proof, you must be the first to do so. Once an address is found and verified, we will strike through the name in this article. So be sure to keep up with which addresses are still undiscovered by bookmarking and revisiting this article periodically.
  3. Send it in: Submissions should be sent to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with the subject line “Bigwigs Competition: [NAME OF BIGWIG]”.

Questions? Email them to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Good luck, Turfers!

This article originally published at http://dc.urbanturf.com/articles/blog/the_search_for_elusive_bigwigs_a_treasure_hunt/6571

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