32 Reasons to Stop in DC

by UrbanTurf Staff

Another set of traffic cameras went into operation this weekend in DC, aimed at an infraction of which most drivers are guilty.

As part of the city’s Street Safe program, a traffic safety campaign that uses photo enforcement technologies to “combat aggressive and dangerous driving habits”, DC installed 32 cameras at stop signs around town that will eventually fine drivers who do not come to a complete stop.

The cameras went into operation on Saturday, and will issue warnings to drivers until December 30 when $50 fines will be doled out. In addition to not coming to a complete stop, the new cameras will fine drivers who “block the box” at specific intersections and endanger pedestrians in the crosswalk. New speed cameras are also being installed around the city.

The list of where the 32 new cameras are located can be found below:

32 Reasons to Stop in DC: Figure 1

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  1. SW, DC said at 9:52 pm on Monday November 25, 2013:
    Another reason why SW is by far the best place to live in DC...
  1. JBH said at 10:07 pm on Monday November 25, 2013:
    Wish this would solve the problem with people on bikes running stop signs. I walk my dog to the dog park on 11th street and see at least 20 bikers run the sign on Lamont and 11th. That is WAY more dangerous than someone slowing and go-ing.
  1. Nick the Greek said at 10:45 pm on Monday November 25, 2013:
    I am a bike rider and find that bikes running stop signs, or traffic lights are NOT playing fair with anyone, pedestrians, other bike riders or autos. They are dangerous to themselves. All I can do is think that Karma will get them. I am also opposed to pedestrians who walk down the street engrossed in their cell phones and not paying attention to anything around them, including stop signs or other pedestrians. Or bike riders with earphones on while trying to pay attention to traffic (they usually fail). One can find something to complain about when we discuss autos, bikes or pedestrians.
  1. ker said at 1:55 pm on Tuesday November 26, 2013:
    The stop at Neal St and Montello Ave should be NE (not NW as listed).
  1. Logic said at 8:13 pm on Wednesday November 27, 2013:
    "That is WAY more dangerous than someone slowing and go-ing." You have clearly never been hit by a car before. It hurts. A lot. Even at 15 miles per hour.

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