Poll: What Does Mount Pleasant Need?

by UrbanTurf Staff

Poll: What Does Mount Pleasant Need?: Figure 1

In anticipation of an upcoming article on how a community determines what type of retail comes to the neighborhood, UrbanTurf decided to run the first in what will be a series of polls about what new types of establishments DC residents would like to see come to their area. Today, we ask what type of new places Mount Pleasant residents would like to see.

Mount Pleasant-ers, please let us know what you think your neighborhood is most in need of.

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  1. Brooke said at 8:40 pm on Tuesday July 24, 2012:
    I absolutely love living in Mt. Pleasant. It really does have that charming small-town feel in the city. While I don't think we need the extensive brand name development that is featured Columbia Heights, we could use better grocery options, perhaps a CVS or Rite Aid, and more cafes with outdoor seating. An ice cream shop would also do well, I think.
  1. David said at 9:03 pm on Tuesday July 24, 2012:
    I agree with Brooke on better grocery options, but a bistro or art gallery would also be a welcome addition to Mount Pleasant Street.
  1. white people said at 9:58 pm on Tuesday July 24, 2012:
    Pretty sure we already have a grocery called bestworld. I'm also pretty sure you could walk your a## to Giant in Columbia Heights if you are afraid of hispanic owned establishments. Pretty sure we also have a pharmacy right across the street from bestworld, oh, it's also hispanic owned. Srsly Ice Cream is what you want? You are bourgeois as ****. Move to Georgetown imho.
  1. Mac G said at 5:12 am on Wednesday July 25, 2012:
    They need more hair salons, laundry mats and dry cleaners. Oh Wait.
  1. George said at 2:20 pm on Wednesday July 25, 2012:
    @white people...I think Bestworld is actually owned by Asians. Regarding the pharmacy across the street, I once went there to get a pretty standard prescription filled for my son and they didn't have the drug. Just saying. It's not about the owner of the establishment. It's about the quality. The market will eventually sort it out, despite the NIMBYS in that neighborhood.
  1. Johnny said at 2:44 pm on Wednesday July 25, 2012:
    There is a Thai place coming to MTP and I think we will start to see more turnover in the neighborhood for the better. By that I mean less laundry and check cashing. I happen to love the diversity here and I don't think that will be changing too much. It's the redundancy of businesses on MTP street that's the problem. Best World did recently revamp and I get some things there. But a larger Yes Organic type place would be nice to have here. There isn't a space big enough for a large grocery store ala Harris Teeter and I dont think it's needed if we can get a good organic market to fill the void. We dont need to be a destination neighborhood for groceries. We should instead have a mix of retail and dining that reflects the neighborhood. A mix that will attract diners and shoppers on foot not via car. MTP is the most charming neighborhood in DC hands down. Just need to spruce up our main drag!
  1. dcdude said at 5:03 pm on Wednesday July 25, 2012:
    Agree with Johnny. I think development along MtP showed be focused on neighborhood-oriented businesses that attract foot traffic rather than cars. By in large, that is what we have now. We just need more of it, and more variety.
  1. The Other Jason said at 10:13 pm on Wednesday July 25, 2012:
    C'mon @whitepeoplesaid...Bestway/Bestworld pretty much sucks! Don't be such an a$$, a small, well stocked grocery store or Yes Organic would be clutch and if BestWhatever was smart they'd then match some of those products and we'd have decent options in MtP! I'm loving the outdoor patios, but a rear patio/roof deck would be nice to for outdoor drinking without the street traffic. What MtP needs is a couple nice boutique shops or small, local chains. Clothing or household goods/furniture would be better than art. There’s that one place, but it’s for women only (of course). A smaller version of Ms Pixie closer to Irving would draw a lot of traffic from the ChAmP area(Co Heights, AdMo, MtP) Plus, a real breakfast place not called Hellers (sucks) or Dos Gringos (lame menu and pretentious) would be appreciated! And I hope they serve ice cream too!
  1. CK said at 2:09 am on Friday July 27, 2012:
    A real breakfast place would be fantastic, and I love the idea of a smaller version of Miss Pixies or something similar. Also, it would be great if there were a higher end, unique dinner option! One question for those who know about DC zoning and commercial real estate: how tough is it for a business to buy or lease space on Mt. Pleasant street? I've heard a lot of conversation about zoning laws for the area that make it difficult for new businesses to come in that want to make any substantial alteration to an existing structure.

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