How to Prepare Your Home to Weather a Storm Like Hurricane Florence

  • September 13th 2018

by Nena Perry-Brown

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After record levels of rain this year and with the impending landfall of Hurricane Florence, the DC region continues to be tested when it comes to storm preparedness. Below are some tips as to how best prepare your home prior to a storm arriving.

  • Make sure your home is secure. Clear out gutters and ensure exterior drains are functioning and free of debris. Ensure any sump pump or generator you own is operating, or consider buying one. Move possessions out of any part of your home which is vulnerable to flooding or has flooded before, and consider creating sandbag barriers and brace garage doors. Check to see if flooding is covered in your home or renters' insurance policy.
  • Stock up on bottled water, non-perishable food, pet food (if applicable), medication, toiletries, batteries, duct tape, and dry ice and a cooler for perishable foods. Gather all your and your family's important documents and put them in a sealed ziploc in a secure and accessible place in case of emergency or need to evacuate.
  • In Case of Power Outage:
    • Don't open the refrigerator/freezer; they will keep foods at temperature for four and 48 hours, respectively, if full and left closed (half-full freezers will keep food cold for 24 hours).
    • Put cellphones on power save mode.
    • Disconnect electric appliances to prevent damage from power surges.
    • Use flashlights rather than candles.
    • Check on neighbors who are elderly or have disabilities.
  • Once the Storm Passes:
    • Check for roof damage.
    • Clean up any flooding indoors and get the area dried as quickly as possible; mold growth can occur if left wet for more than two days.
    • Take pictures of any damaged property and make insurance claims.
    • Avoid touching wet electric equipment or touching electric equipment while standing in water. Turn off the main breaker, if possible.

Note: Many of these tips are adapted from Fulcrum Properties Group.

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