DC’s Top 15 Properties: Everybody Loves Logan

by Mark Wellborn

DC’s Top 15 Properties: Everybody Loves Logan: Figure 1
1334 13th St. NW, DC’s 2nd Most Popular Listing

In an effort to see where and at what DC home buyers are looking these days, we decided to take a peek at the most popular listings in the city over the past couple weeks. Using data from Redfin, we looked specifically at the top 15 most-viewed properties on the discount brokerage’s DC site.

One thing became immediately clear: buyers want to live in Logan Circle. Yes, we know, not earth-shattering news by any stretch, but what is interesting is the dominance that this area had in terms of attracting people’s attention: seven of the top 15 listings were in Logan. The neighborhood’s popularity has increased markedly since we examined the city’s top 50 most popular listings back in April when a Logan Circle listing did not even crack the top 15.

Here are some other interesting takeaways from the stats:

  • The average price of the top 15 homes viewed was $566,000. The highest-priced listing was also the most popular, a three-bedroom row house in Dupont Circle for $839,000.
  • Trending away from condos: The property types of the listings in the top 15 were mainly single-family homes (11 versus four condos).
  • Three of the top 15 listings were condos in the same boutique development: 1715 15th Street NW. We don’t believe that this is a new project, so if anyone can explain its sudden popularity, let us know in the comments section.

* We understand that this analysis is by no means scientific, but we belive it does offer a glimpse into where DC buyers are looking.

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  1. Elroy said at 9:18 pm on Thursday June 10, 2010:
    Funny, I looked at four properties on the list and three were in Logan Circle. Great minds think alike!
  1. Eric said at 6:04 pm on Friday June 11, 2010:
    Are you sure that the reason Logan is so popular is because people want to live there? Are you sure it's not because there are actually so few properties for sale in other desireable neighborhoods (such as Dupont) that simply because Logan has more for sale signs it is more popular on a real estate website? I'm definitely all for Logan becoming popular, but the data is obviously skewed towards what is actually for sale, which can severely limit choice. Clearly, it will impact which properties are viewed most. If nothing is for sale in Dupont, then Logan may be the next best thing since it's right next door. It would be nice to mention that kind of disclaimer in this type of posting. It's basic Statistics 101 technique to make sure to mention all variables that could be at play.
  1. Mark Wellborn said at 7:37 pm on Friday June 11, 2010:
    Eric, According to MRIS, there are currently 94 properties for sale in Dupont Circle and 59 properties for sale in Logan Circle. So Dupont actually has almost double the number of homes for sale compared to Logan. Mark Wellborn Editor
  1. Mark Washburn said at 10:30 pm on Friday June 11, 2010:
    1715 15th Street is Bishop's Gate, which is not a new development. Two of the Bishop Gate's listings ($410,800 & $574,900) are brand new this week. Generally, new listings attract the most hits and then user traffic levels off after the property has been on the market for a while.

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