DC is Making (A Lot) of Lists These Days

by Mark Wellborn

It seems like a new list/set of rankings is put out almost daily that includes Washington, DC somewhere near the top. Case in point: Today, DC made Match.com’s list of top cities for online dating.

DC is Making (A Lot) of Lists These Days: Figure 1

As ridiculous and unscientific as these lists can be, we decided to take a look back at the last 12 months to try and figure out what lists DC has been included on. We did not include rankings from national polls or government agencies or any lists related specifically to the DC real estate market (we have done that enough in the last year), but that didn’t make our list much shorter.

  • Job search website Juju.com rated DC as the best city for job seekers.
  • Forbes ranked DC as the second best city for working mothers.
  • BusinessWeek ranked it as the second best city for “job-hunting grads.”
  • Kiplinger went so far as to rank DC as the best city “of the next decade” and Portfolio.com ranked it second in quality of life among major U.S. cities.
  • Amazon.com ranked DC as the 11th most romantic city, based on sales of romance novels, sex and relationship books, sexual wellness products and Barry White CDs. Arlington ranked 7th.
  • Forbes ranked DC as the fifth most wired city in the country. (Last year, DC ranked third.)
  • Central Connecticut State University put out a survey that revealed DC as the second most literate city in the country.
  • The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ranked DC as the most vegetarian friendly city in the country.
  • Despite falling out of the top 10, The Sporting News still ranked DC as one of the best sports cities in the U.S.
  • Edge Shaving Gel did a study that ranked DC as the third-most irritation-prone city based on factors like traffic, heat index and rate of sleeplessness.
  • DC was ranked as the second best U.S city for young adults by Portfolio.

Did we miss one? Let us know.

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  1. Amazon.com said at 2:43 pm on Tuesday August 31, 2010:
    Virginia is for Lovers.
  1. Roger said at 3:48 pm on Tuesday August 31, 2010:
    Virginia is for losers.
  1. pru said at 4:09 pm on Tuesday August 31, 2010:
    Last week, the pest company Terminix ranked DC 9th among the cities most infested with bedbugs, based on call volume!
  1. Atek said at 8:02 pm on Tuesday August 31, 2010:
    Another ranking to add: http://readysetdc.com/2010/07/the-district-ranks-11th/
  1. kern said at 4:16 pm on Wednesday September 1, 2010:
    Shape Magazine ranked DC the fittest US city: http://www.shape.com/lifestyle/travel/washingtondc

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