Comp and Circumstance: The Space of Trinidad Versus Columbia Heights Location

by Rebecca Ortega

Comp and Circumstance presents two “for-sale” homes of roughly similar prices in DC and compares the pros and cons of each. This week, we discuss two properties in different sections of the city listed for $299,000. Let us know in the comments section below which of the two you feel is the better buy.

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Comp and Circumstance: The Space of Trinidad Versus Columbia Heights Location: Figure 1

Three-Bedroom Renovated Home in Trinidad

In DC’s real estate market these days, it is rare to find properties in good condition selling for less than $300,000. This week’s Comp and Circumstance takes a look at what is available in this price point.

The neighborhood of Trinidad made headlines back in 2008 due to crime-induced police checkpoints. Since that time, however, crime has decreased in Trinidad, and the proximity of the neighborhood to the development on H Street NE has enticed home buyers to look at the low-priced properties in the evolving neighborhood.

1511 Trinidad Ave NE (map) is a newly-renovated home with three upper-level bedrooms, one full and one half bath, and a fully finished basement. The house also has a deck off of the main level and a garage parking space, but the backyard lacks privacy as there is only a chain link between the neighbors. This is a great space for the price, but buyers should be wary of safety issues and the fact that it is a hike to most area Metro stations.

One-Bedroom Condo in the Heart of Columbia Heights

Comp and Circumstance: The Space of Trinidad Versus Columbia Heights Location: Figure 2

One-bedroom condos in coveted areas of NW usually hover in the $350K to $400K price range, so to find a recently renovated unit in Columbia Heights for less than $300K is rare. The tradeoff with 1438 Columbia Rd NW, #204 (map) is that it is fairly small, even for a one bedroom. It has a newly updated kitchen and bathroom, and condo fees are $202/month and cover both gas and water. There is plenty of space for one person, but things may be tight for a couple. The building is right in the middle of Columbia Heights, including immediate proximity to the Columbia Heights Metro, but a parking spot is not included in the list price.

So, what do you think? Let us know your preference in the comments below.

  1511 Trinidad Ave NE 1438 Columbia Rd NW, #204
Bedrooms 3 1
Bathrooms 1.5 1
Pros New renovations, lots of square footage for the money, garage parking Located in the middle of Columbia Heights, new renovations
Cons Safety concerns Small living space, street parking
Price $299,999 $299,900
Neighborhood Trinidad Columbia Heights
Links 1511 Trinidad Ave NE 1438 Columbia Rd NW, #204

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  1. Derek said at 8:38 pm on Tuesday November 2, 2010:
    I can' get on the Trinidad bandwagon just yet, and I am single, so the Columbia Heights condo would be my choice. In two years I might give a different answer.
  1. Janson said at 9:50 pm on Tuesday November 2, 2010:
    That's an amazing house for the price but it's basically in the suburbs minus the commute. Wait a second, that doesn't sound so bad!
  1. swested said at 3:43 am on Wednesday November 3, 2010:
    Sq. footage? If by "small" for the Columbia Heights unit we're talking under 500 sq. feet...then I'd have second thoughts...otherwise, seems like a nice deal. Trinidad...no thanks. Not quite ready for prime time.
  1. uriel said at 4:20 am on Wednesday November 3, 2010:
    Is the crime rate in Trinidad significantly higher than that of CH?
  1. Erin said at 1:35 pm on Wednesday November 3, 2010:
    Just checked - the CH condo is under 500 sq ft. So yeah - I'd say it's pretty small. But not bad for a single person, esp at that price!
  1. kboogy said at 1:55 pm on Wednesday November 3, 2010:
    Both of these houses look great. I however would probably end up going with the Trinidad house given that you get much more house for the money. The lack of a metro is definitely a drawback to the house as opposed to the condo in CH but overall the additional living area that you would get with the house would far outweigh the lack of public transportation. As for the crime issue, Trinidad tends have a terrible reputation in large part due to the string of homicides and other crimes in 2008 and the lack of a major draw to the area that would cause people from other areas of the city to visit the area and explore the neighborhood for themselves rather than make a determination about the neighborhood based on the opinions of others. I have found the neighborhood to be quite pleasant and while crime certainly does exist, it isn't as predominant as most people would think. Also, based on DC crime statistics reports gathered over a one year period based on the two addresses, the number of crimes perpetrated near the CH unit is greater than that of the Trinidad unit (http://crimemap.dc.gov/presentation/report.asp). Overall these are two great units for the price but the size of the Trinidad unit and the potential for appreciation and substantial improvement in the area (the coming street car line, NOMA, the Flats at Atlas District, etc.) in the next few years would win me over.
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