$26 Million Dupont Mansion Could Become Fully-Furnished Apartments

by UrbanTurf Staff

$26 Million Dupont Mansion Could Become Fully-Furnished Apartments: Figure 1
15 Dupont Circle

The Patterson Mansion at 15 Dupont Circle (map) made headlines last year when it hit the market for $26 million. Now it appears that the buyer of the 36,470 square-foot, 112-year-old manse will turn it into 90 luxury apartments.

Th website District Source is reporting that developer SB-Urban will convert the historic mansion into residences and add a six-story addition. The apartments will be fully-furnished and available for both short and long-term leases.

This is the second plan for the the historic mansion; originally the word was that it would be converted into a boutique hotel, but that plan was essentially nixed by the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) back in October.

When we asked UrbanTurf readers to predict the future owner of such a unique property, 45 percent of you predicted a foreign government or entity and 19 percent predicted a foreign family or individual. In addition to 36,740 square feet, the four-story residence has 16 bedrooms, a ballroom, library, auditorium, as well as an elevator and parking for 10 cars. The mansion was designed by architect Stanford White and served as home to The Washington Club for 60 years.

The proposed project still has to go before the neighborhood ANC as well as back before the HPRB.

Photos of the historic mansion below. For the full District Source article, click here.

$26 Million Dupont Mansion Could Become Fully-Furnished Apartments: Figure 2

$26 Million Dupont Mansion Could Become Fully-Furnished Apartments: Figure 3

$26 Million Dupont Mansion Could Become Fully-Furnished Apartments: Figure 4

$26 Million Dupont Mansion Could Become Fully-Furnished Apartments: Figure 5

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  1. Stick and Tried of Greedy Developers said at 9:08 pm on Thursday February 6, 2014:
    Great, another greedy developer that is bone head stupid to see that there already is a over supply of apartments in DC. We don’t want your apartments
  1. Seth from Montgomery County said at 9:30 pm on Thursday February 6, 2014:
    @Stick and Tried of Greedy Developers Real estate doesn't follow sound free market economic rules. There is too much market manipulation by banks and government entities. Basically what you have here is another investment vehicle, similar to the stock market, hence that is why you you have seen a massive increase in foreign investments(a la citycenter). If you are predicting a real estate bubble, I can't say I don't blame you, as I wonder when it will slow too.
  1. Hey SB-Urban said at 9:43 pm on Thursday February 6, 2014:
    Lose the six-story addition.
  1. What over supply? said at 9:44 pm on Thursday February 6, 2014:
    What oversupply are you talking about? Last I checked, rents were sky high in DC. We need much more housing than we have now. This development, while perhaps not the best use of the space, provides more housing in a high-density area already well-served by multi-modal transit.
  1. Judith K. Claire said at 9:50 pm on Thursday February 6, 2014:
    How about a few rooms for short term visitors who have incomes under $32,000.00?
  1. Tony Spence said at 10:13 pm on Thursday February 6, 2014:
    I live in this neighborhood. I appreciate whoever comes up with a plan to save this excellent home. Too many Washington beauties have succumbed to the wrecking ball to make way for unremarkable, but not dreadful, buildings. Come to Dupont Circle, stand in the center and slowly turn all the way around with eyes open. We do pretty well with architecture in this city. It's one of America's most distinctive. Be happy for Dupont and DC. Last thought, Ms. Claire has an excellent idea. Saving the Patterson and making some room for good people of modest income is the coolest idea of all.
  1. jen | concrete jungle dc said at 12:35 am on Friday February 7, 2014:
    I was married at the Patterson House and I'm happy to see it's going to survive…even if it's as an apartment building. It's one of the last grande dames in DC.
  1. Bernardo said at 3:15 am on Friday February 7, 2014:
    Great news. With rents sky high it's more than obvious that DC needs more apartments and condos.
  1. Michael H. said at 4:21 am on Friday February 7, 2014:
    Could they at least open the home for public tours before they destroy it? I've walked past that building 8 million times and always wondered what was inside? Would love to see it as a single family home.
  1. Adam L said at 7:37 am on Friday February 7, 2014:
    Wish this had been a hotel. The interiors are magnificent and a hotel would have kept the grand spaces available to rent for events (thus the inside would have been quasi-public). Now the interior will likely be chopped up and we'll be left with just a shell of a building.
  1. A said at 2:18 pm on Friday February 7, 2014:
    What a loss having this become apartments. And like Stick said, way too many apartments going up, a glut forming.
  1. Colin said at 5:12 pm on Friday February 7, 2014:
    People who speak of an apartment glut in DC are demonstrating their ignorance of how prices relate to supply and demand.
  1. DCRealtorJim said at 6:12 pm on Friday February 7, 2014:
    Just what we need 90 units with 10 parking spots in Dupont. Not to mention a 6 story addition. No No No For once I hope the ANC and HPRB nix this idea. This is a terrible idea.
  1. Joseph Momma said at 6:25 pm on Friday February 7, 2014:
    They didn't approve of a hotel, but they approve of apartments and a six story addition? Someone's getting a payoff...
  1. At a loss said at 12:02 am on Saturday February 8, 2014:
    The hotel concept would have retained all the historic portions for public use. Those majestic areas would have been open to the general public for the first time ever. But that wasn't good enough for the HPRB, even though it was supported by the ANC and the Dupont Conservancy. So now, the interior gets chopped up and much of this priceless treasure is lost to the community forever. Thanks, HPRB.
  1. critic said at 7:45 pm on Saturday February 8, 2014:
    Absolutely terrible idea!!! One of only 2 Stanford White residences in DC, going to be chopped into tacky apts! NO! Six story addition is even worse. Anyone who thinks this building is being "saved" from demolition is dumb, it'd a landmark that would never receive a demolition permit. So, let's try to find a dignified use for this great treasure and not subject it to the same rape that is going to be happening to the Old Post Office Building.

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