Curated Craigslist: New DC Website Highlights Young People-Friendly Rentals

by Shilpi Paul

Curated Craigslist: New DC Website Highlights Young People-Friendly Rentals: Figure 1
A recent listing on Exposed Brick DC.

Hunting for an apartment to rent is often a joyless task that involves scrolling through endless options on Craigslist. Though the website has made some practical improvements to their layout, the visuals are still bare bones, and the only way to find quality options is to search and search.

One young DC resident is hoping to make the experience of finding a place a bit more enjoyable. Earlier this month, 24-year-old DC resident Jamie Grigg launched Exposed Brick DC, a website that aims to “break through the clutter of the DC rental market.”

In short, Grigg acts as a rental curator for those on the hunt. The Pinterest-y website highlights her picks for desirable apartments, which, she tells us, must be “affordable and cool” for her young audience.

Grigg, who lives in a two-bedroom in Cleveland Park, posts about one rental a day, highlighting the photo and visual appeal; when she doesn’t find anything suitable, she’ll add content to a section of the website called “Off the Market,” which offers thoughts and tips from renters about their current living situations.

To keep things affordable, Grigg set monetary limits on the properties she features. “Studios and one bedrooms can’t exceed $1,700/month, two bedrooms can’t exceed $2,800 and three bedrooms can’t exceed $4,000,” she said.

She is particularly interested in deals that seem priced below market rate. A recent post highlights a good-looking Georgetown one-bedroom that was renting for $1,425 per month. “It was spectacular,” said Grigg, with hardwood floors, a black and white tiled kitchen and built-in bookcases.

Exposed Brick DC officially launched on September 5 and interested renters can get Grigg’s picks delivered to their inbox by subscribing at the bottom of the site.

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  1. Widness said at 8:07 pm on Thursday September 12, 2013:
    Love the concept. This is where content curation can be hugely valuable, even with a site like craigslist.
  1. 20011 said at 9:18 pm on Thursday September 12, 2013:
    Paying $1400/month for a room in a 2BR is not affordable.
  1. Sarah said at 9:27 pm on Thursday September 12, 2013:
    Awesome idea. I am an owner, but would've loved this a few years ago when I was looking for an apartment.
  1. zcf said at 9:45 pm on Thursday September 12, 2013:
    o.m.g. I recognize that picture you have there. It looks like my very first apartment in Georgetown. And yes, that was an absolutely fabulous place to live in as a 20 soemthing. It was also rent regulated, so the $1400 price for the 1 bedroom is totally in line. Man I miss that place.
  1. JM said at 1:27 pm on Friday September 13, 2013:
    It's a nice site, but strange how she restricts herself to the poshest areas of NW DC. If you want to save $$ there are plenty of inexpensive, safe areas in other parts of the city.
  1. C said at 2:22 pm on Friday September 13, 2013:
    JM, I'm not sure I think it's strange that she restricts herself to the poshest areas of NW DC. I think it happens for a few reasons: 1. It says she is a recent transplant to the DC area 2. It appears that she is a single female, perhaps living by herself (when I say single I mean not married. Am not imply anything about her relationship status otherwise) 3. I thought the site was to help weed through craigslist for good apartments that seem to be good deals. Of course there are good apartments in quadrants other than NW DC but there are also plenty that are not. She also states that part of what makes an apartment friendly is the location and its proximity to amenities. However, your point is well taken and well made. I suspect with time and experience in DC (maybe some criticism, too) she will expand her apartments to include the other quadrants: SE, NE and SW.
  1. youandmeandwalliemakethree.com said at 2:37 pm on Friday September 13, 2013:
    Interesting idea. How does she assure that the listings she is posting are still available? Units can move so incredibly fast in DC and over years of apartment search on Craigslist I've found its not uncommon for the person advertising an apartment to not update the listing in a timely way when there are already applications in for a unit or it has been taken.

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