14th Street’s Central Union Mission to Turn Into 51-Unit Condo Project

by Shilpi Paul

14th Street's Central Union Mission to Turn Into 51-Unit Condo Project: Figure 1
Central Union Mission

The wheels are in motion again to turn the Central Union Mission at the southeast corner of 14th and R Streets NW (map) from its current use into a residential project.

At Wednesday night’s ANC 2F meeting, residential architect Eric Colbert presented plans for a 51-unit condo building at the site of the mission. The plans for this project were initiated back in 2006 when developer Jeffrey Schonberger was working with a different architect. At the end of September 2006, conceptual approval was granted by the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB), and BZA approval was granted in 2008.

The developer has now switched architects to Colbert, and while the BZA approval is still effective, the refined plans need renewed approval, so Schonberger and Colbert will be going before the HPRB later this month and stopped by the ANC to discuss the plans, which are a simplified, “quiet design.

14th Street's Central Union Mission to Turn Into 51-Unit Condo Project: Figure 2
Drawing courtesy of Eric Colbert. Click to enlarge.

The timeline for this project is still very much in flux, as the Central Union Mission, which has been serving the needy in Logan Circle for almost three decades, needs to find and move into a new home before the residential project can get underway. As the neighborhood started to transform into a higher-end corridor, the directors of the mission began to look for a location closer to people who need their services. They are hoping to move to 65 Massachusetts Avenue NW in 2013, according to Borderstan, although construction on the new building has not started yet.

Update: Here is more on the new project from Eric Colbert:

We are adding on to the top of 1625 through 1629 14th Street NW. The addition will be set back from the historic facades to comply with the standards of the historic division. There will be a mix of smaller and larger units. Some will have a loft type feeling and some will be two-story duplexes.

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  1. Jason said at 3:10 pm on Thursday March 8, 2012:
    I am wondering if the actual mission building will be converted to lofts or cut in to smaller units. It looks like the drawing adds a bunch of stuff to the top of the adjacent building.
  1. Anon said at 4:14 pm on Thursday March 8, 2012:
    Is there a way we can click photos to enlarge them? I cannot read the notes on the renderings.
  1. Mark Wellborn said at 4:24 pm on Thursday March 8, 2012:
    Anon, we have added in the enlarged rendering. Just click the image above. Jason, we will look into your question. Mark Wellborn Editor
  1. Neighbor said at 11:09 pm on Thursday March 8, 2012:
    Wow - I see absolutely no underground parking being mentioned for this proposed development. Parking is the single biggest problem for those of us who live in the area. I'm also surprised that they are allowed to build up to eight stories. I thought there was a five story limit on 14th Street. Finally, while I understand the commercial value of erecting a building on the 14th & Corcoran corner, will there be provision in the new building for the very well used Zipcars which are currently located there? The new PN Hofman building at 14th & R justified its lack of underground parking by providing all residents with Zipcar membership because they are right across the road. Will the Zipcars be accommodated in the new building?
  1. Larry said at 11:32 pm on Thursday March 8, 2012:
    Parking requirements are being lowered in the district to help with the urbanization of city. Most condo sales in the city today are getting fewer and fewer parking requests from buyer almost making it a non issue. Kenyon Square could not sell 50% of their parking spots after the project sold out. Welcome to the public transport and zipcar society!
  1. john said at 12:45 am on Friday March 9, 2012:
    Any info on the # of units and the price range? As for parking, while I can't speak for Kenyon Square, I can speak to Logan Circle and parking is definitely a problem. I purchased a condo on Church Street that came with 2 parking spaces and everytime I list the one space for rent on Craiglist I get dozens of takers. Perhaps the difference is that there is no extremely convenient Metro stop to Logan Circle
  1. John said at 1:35 am on Friday March 9, 2012:
    I think this is a nice design. I don't see how they are going to fit parking since all buildings are existing structures.
  1. B said at 2:32 am on Friday March 9, 2012:
    Hoping this will not block my capital view :(
  1. Pam Cartwrght said at 2:06 pm on Friday March 9, 2012:
    Whoa. I do love Logan and how it has developed but I am thoroughly Eric Colbert-ed OUT. I'll be delight to see the 'unveiling' of the auto showroom - he can't put you to sleep w/ THAT renovation....and I am ever ever SO glad I live w/in the HP zone...this is getting a bit too interesting on 14th and R but we will see what we will see. I wonder what its going to take to build that building on Corcoran - old gas tanks to be removed, haz-mat to be handled...I will not hod my breath on this getting accomplished soon but so happy to hear from you, John, on the progress.

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