UT Reader Asks: Better Than Home Depot, Less Expensive Than Georgetown?

by Shilpi Paul

UT Reader Asks: Better Than Home Depot, Less Expensive Than Georgetown?: Figure 1

In this installment of UrbanTurf Reader Asks, a DC homeowner with a fixer-upper is wondering what middle-of-the-road options exist for home renovations.

I'm renovating my house, but I've been disappointed with the bathroom fixtures and other finishes available at Home Depot. However, the interior design shops in Georgetown are too expensive, e.g. $10,000 bathtubs. I know there are some good tile and stone stores way out in the suburbs -- Fairfax and Chantilly -- but do UrbanTurf readers have any close-in favorites for bathroom and kitchen stuff?

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  1. Robert said at 2:34 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    Excellent question, so good in fact that no places immediately come to mind. I will say that when I was looking for marble for my kitchen, I went directly to a quarry in VA. Not necessarily less expensive than a store in the area, but you get your pick of slabs.
  1. anon_1 said at 2:42 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    For fixtures and appliances -- look online. There is a TON of stuff from online retailers and the ones I've dealt twtih were very efficient and professional (it was even easier to return than HD). Especially for things like light fixtures, cabinet handles, glass, bath and kitchen plumbing and fixtures. Many larger retailers have shipping centers out of Hagerstown or Frederick, MD, include shipping costs, and have very competitive prices. The turnaround was usually < 48 hrs without expedited shipping.
  1. zcf said at 2:47 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    check out Community Forklift for vintage stuff (doors, tubs, extra granite, fixtures, panels, trim, etc). You have to sift through the junk, but they have a lot of really cool stuff. Also definitely get an Angies List membership if you don't have one already, a lot of the contractors can get you stuff near cost (if you hire them for a job of course)
  1. eusurfaces said at 2:50 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    Having worked over 10 years for a "Georgetown" grade firm I started my own company. We offer great hard surface products at great prices. Our products include limestone, marble, mosaics, hardwood flooring. Please contact us for more information.
  1. Robert said at 2:57 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    @anon_1, Can you provide the names of some of the online retailers you use? Thanks!
  1. Wesley said at 2:59 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    Agree with the previous comments regarding online shopping. Even Home Depot has a lot more stuff online than they have in the store and the DC store is also more limited than a typical Home Depot. Check out Sanijet.com for really nice pipeless jetted tubs. If you're shopping for tile and countertops, many sites will send you samples. But if it's something you have to see in the store, don't rule out venturing out to the burbs.
  1. Megan said at 3:44 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    The Great Indoors in Gaithersburg. It is a Sears-run store that has some good stuff. Prices are generally good and you can look for bargains there. I got glass some boxes of glass tile on clearance to do an accent in my bathroom for very low cost.
  1. Jamie said at 3:47 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    BuildDirect has some great, relatively inexpensive tile and flooring. They also have reps who can work with you to get some better details on some of the products.
  1. saladman8283 said at 4:27 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    Plumbing Parts Plus in Rockville for all your bathroom and cabinet needs (they may have some kitchen stuff too). Mosaic Tile in Rockville for tile.
  1. JR said at 5:14 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    If you don't want to go out to the suburbs at all, you are really narrowing your options. Ferguson in Springfield is good for plumbing and lighting fixtures (they have Kohler fixtures with the brass interior parts -- not plastic like at Home Depot/Lowes); The Tile Shop in Springfield and Architectural Ceramics in Alexandria for tile (Lowes is also not bad). Costco sometimes has random home renovation items (tile, radiant flooring).
  1. bizzbuzz said at 6:14 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    I use plumbersurplus.com for toilets, tubs, sinks, fixtures and more. No sales tax, free shipping 99% of the time, fantastic return policy, price matching... Two thumbs up.
  1. SL said at 6:54 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    We are renovating our basement and got all of our bathroom fixtures from Faucet Direct and our tile from Build Direct (both online). We did get some of our bathroom tile from a local store, Best Tile in Rockville - their selection was great and their prices range from affordable to high end, with a good range. We are getting our vanity counter (Silestone is what we're going with) now from Counter Intelligence in Silver Spring - they will install 2 days after placing your order. Way better than trying to deal with Home Depot.
  1. SL said at 7:04 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    p.s. there were a few items (sink, towel bars) that we did end up getting from Home Depot, but we ordered them online as well. A way better experience than having to deal with going to one in person! Everything arrived within 2 days in great condition.
  1. mike said at 7:11 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    Online, check out atgstores.com. It's actually now owned by Lowes. However, they have 1000s of items in 100s of categories. You can also try www.homeclick.com Yes. The drawback is you can't see the product in person. But, often the shipping to you is free. So if you did need to send it back, you'd only pay shipping one way.
  1. Brian said at 7:50 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    faucetdirect.com is where we got all of our fixtures. They price match too so be sure to online shop around. Fast shipping and good customer service. The hardest part is narrowing down what you want with all their choices. We picked Moen and then two different lines for all of our bathrooms to make it easier and keep the look unified.
  1. mona said at 8:16 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    There is a great place on Georgia ave on same block as Yes Organic with great doors and hardware
  1. aj said at 9:38 pm on Tuesday May 21, 2013:
    www.modernbathroom.com - I got my vanity and hardware on this website. Fast shipping, packaged well.
  1. EnserNG said at 12:32 am on Wednesday May 22, 2013:
    Great question, and some great ideas. Another Internet find that has some great things is http://HomeDecoratorsCollection.Com . Their inventory runs from flooring to curtains, to vanities and outdoor furniture. Their off-season sales, often with free shipping, even for huge items, are spectacular. * They were acquired by Home Depot, but, thus far, the type and variety has not changed. (Hopefully folks keep the suggestions coming, especially for any brick and mortar types, since there are time you just have to see things, first!. All of our go-to places in the city were shuttered, made into condos and such, and did not re-open, elsewhere. UT would be well-served with either a continuing series about close-in resources or at least a few articles "where to find <fixtures, art, furniture>" for all of the movers and shakers who visit the site. It would be so amazing, with DC's renovation-nature, to have a group of mid-range, local businesses, open up in one of the 'less-desirable' areas, so that they could provide the quality, without the huge overhead of a 'hip' areas. Perhaps even a few artisan-types, offering custom book cases, accessories, et cetera. Think that would be just amazing! Nikk
  1. John B. said at 2:44 am on Saturday May 25, 2013:
    IKEA may be a four letter word in the design world - wait, it is a four letter word! Embrace your inner IKEA, in store and online. Not all of their stuff is flat-pack particle board. They have an excellent selection of lighting fixtures that look great, are easy to install if you’re handy, and are very affordable. Lots of kitchen options too. Enjoy!

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