2328 Georgia Avenue NW: Figure 1

2328 Georgia Avenue NW

Pleasant Plains

2328 Georgia Avenue NW

The university and Quadrangle Development are working on a three-phase development that will include a new residential building, as well as an office and science-focused building with research and testing laboratories. The project would take the place of the surface parking lots along the 2200 block of Georgia Avenue and, eventually, the McDonalds location at 2328 Georgia Avenue NW. The first phase will include the residential building, although a Quadrangle representative told UrbanTurf that the scope and programming for that project is still being finalized. The second and third phases will include office and experimental research and testing laboratory use. The phases will be bisected by Bryant Street Commons, a shared, multi-modal street.


Project type: Rental apartments

No. of units: 430

Types of units: TBD

Last updated: February 17th, 2023


Address: 2328 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC  20001