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is a new advertising service agents can use to market their listed properties to the thousands of DC-area home buyers that visit UrbanTurf.com every week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UrbanTurf Listings?

UrbanTurf Listings is a new marketing service for real estate agents to advertise their property listings on UrbanTurf.com, one of the most popular websites for home buyers in the DC metropolitan area. UrbanTurf Listings is designed to showcase properties in an enjoyable and useful manner through a combination of large, beautiful photos and simplified property descriptions.

What is the benefit of UrbanTurf Listings to agents?

Exposure. Today’s savvy home buyers search for their new home online. As one of the post popular online sources of local real estate insight, guidance, and news, UrbanTurf.com receives thousands of readers every week that are using the web to find a home in DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. UrbanTurf Listings offers the opportunity to make this highly targeted audience of local home buyers aware of your listed property.

Quality. UrbanTurf Listings is designed to present individual properties with beautiful, large photos and simplified property information. An easy-to-use slideshow feature allows home buyers to effortlessly scan all the photos of your advertised listing. This format provides the home buyer with a simple and enjoyable way to experience your listing online that distinguishes UrbanTurf Listings from other listings sites.

Affordability. At only $149 per month, a campaign with UrbanTurf Listings provides great value at a very low price – especially when compared with area alternatives that charge many times that to reach a much less targeted audience.

Convenience. Your ad with UrbanTurf Listings is purchased and managed through a self-service website that was designed for ease-of-use and simplicity. You can place your ad and have it running on UrbanTurf.com in just a few quick steps. After the initial purchase of your ad, you will be able to manage it quickly and with immediate effect.

What is the benefit of UrbanTurf Listings to buyers?

Anyone who has spent any time perusing the MLS knows that there are a lot of poor quality listings out there that can make the experience of searching for a beautiful new home unpleasant and inefficient. UrbanTurf Listings is a premium listings service designed to separate the wheat from the chaff.

It presents high quality listings in an attractive and visually pleasing way, and makes finding those listings easy with intuitive and simplified searching features. The result is an easy-to-use, highly visual, and enjoyable home-searching experience for home buyers. The days of squinting at small, fuzzy photos and incomprehensible property descriptions are over!

How does it work?

Easy. As an agent, you register here with your email address and chosen password. Then you login to the website and fill out a page with your contact information. After that you can post an ad in three quick steps: fill out your listing’s information, upload photos, and pay with a credit card. Start to finish, posting a new ad on UrbanTurf Listings can take less than 10 minutes. Your ad will be showcased here for the thousands of weekly UrbanTurf readers to discover.

A single ad lasts for one month, which we call the ad “campaign.” You can buy additional months at any time to extend the length of your campaign. You can also turn on automatic billing for your campaign, so that you are billed every month and your listing stays online until you choose to discontinue it.

The MLS has tons of fields to fill out about my property. Why can't I add all that information on UrbanTurf Listings?

UrbanTurf Listings is not meant to aggregate data about all properties on the market. It is a marketing service meant to showcase properties with large, beautiful photos and provide key information like price, location, property type, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and amenities. Home buyers that are interested in learning more about your property will click the link that you provided as part of the listing’s ad or will contact you directly via email or phone.

Why do the photos of my listing have to be so big?

If the three rules of real estate are “location, location, location,” the three rules of a successful listing are “good photos, good photos, good photos.”

UrbanTurf readers constantly tell us that they love looking at the properties featured in the site’s articles. The consistent popularity of weekly UrbanTurf articles such as Best New Listings and Best Open Houses is even more evidence that home buyers enjoy seeing properties showcased with expansive, attractive photos.

UrbanTurf Listings is designed to be as enjoyable for home buyers as it is useful by giving them what they want: large, high-quality photos that make them feel as if they are in the property.

Can I edit my listing and its photos once I have started the campaign?

Yes, it is very easy to make modifications to your listing at any time, including adding or removing photos and editing other property information. You can also take your listing offline if for some reason you no longer want it displayed.

Can I publicize the open house for my listing?

Yes, your ad can display the date and time of the property’s next open house.

How much does it cost?

An ad for a single property costs $149 per month. Your listing’s ad campaign will officially begin at midnight of the night you purchase it, then run for one month. Toward the end of the campaign you will receive notification by email that the campaign is about to expire and that your listing will be taken offline unless you purchase another month to continue the campaign.

You can also choose automatic billing, which will charge your credit card $149 once per month to ensure that your ad does not expire and stays online until you turn it off.

Bulk listing purchases are also available. Please contact us to find out more.

What methods of payment are available?

At this time we only accept credit card payments through the self-serve system. It's very easy to use and totally secure.

May I advertise rental properties or just for-sale properties?

UrbanTurf Listings is currently just for properties that are listed for sale, but rentals are coming soon. Send us an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you would like us to notify you when we begin supporting rental properties.

Does buying an ad with Listings guarantee editorial coverage of my property?

UrbanTurf treats the separation between advertising and editorial very seriously, so the answer to this question is no. Having said that, it is much more likely that our editorial staff will notice your listing if you run a campaign on UrbanTurf Listings than if it is just a needle in the MLS haystack of thousands of other homes on the market. (Home buyers will be more likely to notice it, too!)

I have another question not answered in this FAQ. Who do I ask?

Feel free to contact us anytime by phone (703-842-1391) or email (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).

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